The Gadget

The Gadget is an international rock'n'roll project formed in Russia by Mike Gabbler - producer, keyboard player and songwriter. We have recorded 11 nice songs at the one of the best recording studios in Los Angeles and now are looking for a singer with a low and strong voice to finish the CD. Have good chances to be signed with BMG.

mike.JPG - 12086 Bytes Mike Gabbler (Konstantin Nikolsky)
vocal, keyboards, acoustic guitar
bill.JPG - 12086 Bytes Bill Shupp (Zack Hexum, Melodine)
bass guitar
egor.JPG - 12083 Bytes Egor Zhirnov ("Rondo")
electric guitar
blair.JPG - 12086 Bytes Blair Sinta (Alanise Morissette)
igor.JPG - 12086 Bytes Igor Desyatnikov
vocal, managment
stephanie.JPG - 12086 Bytes Stephanie Spruill (Elton John, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson)
percussions, vocal in "Broken Ship"

Here are some MP3 samples from our CD

1. Motion
2. Stupid Love
3. Don't Break This Heart
4. Don't You Cry
5. Broken Ship
6. Liberty
7. It Makes Me Crying
8. Your Eyes

All songs written and produced by Mike Gabbler
Recorded at the Firehouse Recording, Pasadena,CA
Engineered by Gabe Moffat and Ed Wooley
Mixed (demo mix) by Mike Gabbler
at the Redsound Studio, Moscow


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